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Security Testing

The Internet has brought about many changes in the way the organizations and individuals conduct business, and it would be difficult to operate effectively without the added efficiency and communications of the Internet and Extranet. These technological advancements has drawbacks in the form of intruder attacks, both manual and automated, that could cost organizations excessive amounts of money in damages and lost efficiency. Thus, organizations need to find methods for achieving their mission goals in using the Internet and at the same time keeping their Internet and Extranet sites secure from these attacks.

We help organizations to evaluate their current security posture through our specially designed testing methodologies. These tests are broadly classified as,

  1. Penetration Testing
  2. Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a security testing in which our security testing professionals attempt to circumvent the security features of a system based on their understanding of the system design and implementation. They will do the penetration testing to identify the methods of gaining access to a system by using common tools and techniques used by attackers and hackers. Our security team will perform penetration testing after a careful consideration, notification, and planning.

Penetration testing is an invaluable technique to any organization's information security program. And also it is a very labor-intensive activity and requires great expertise to minimize the risk to the targeted systems. We have certified efficient and dedicated professionals to carry out these testing.

We use both external testing and internal testing to find the security flaws in the organization's network. Based on the knowledge of the target being tested our penetration tests are categorized as

  • Black Box Testing - Zero Knowledge Test
  • Grey Box testing - Partial Knowledge test
  • White Box testing - Full Knowledge test

Vulnerability Assessment

Organizations should conduct vulnerability scanning, to validate that the operating systems and major applications are up to date on security patches and software versions. Vulnerability scanning is a somewhat labor-intensive activity that requires a high degree of human involvement in interpreting the results.

VA helps to highlight those vulnerabilities which could be exploited by a remote unauthorized attacker. Our vulnerability assessment service is a highly creative, out-of-the-box engagement.