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Security Audit

We have framed Our Security Audits services based on industry-accepted standards and best practices such as ISO 27001, CoBIT, and Regulatory compliance requirements specific to the industry and country. Our Auditing method is designed to secure the all aspects of information security including People, Processes and Technology. Our consultants are certified as CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001 (BS 7799), and having wide knowledge in IT H/W,S/W and the related process like ITIL.

we are having experience in various type of audit and also having expertise in application security assessments for CRM and ERP software of large manufacturing and financial firms, e-com applications in online stores.

  • Information Security Audit
  • IT Audit

Information Security Audit

Our information security audit covers an assessment of security of an organization's networked infrastructure comprising of computer systems, networks, operating system software and application software. Auditing of information security includes auditing of the physical security of an organization's to the auditing logical security of databases and highlights key components to be looked into using different methods for auditing. IS audit is a specified process designed to assess the security risks facing an organization's and the controls or countermeasures adopted by the organization's to mitigate those risks. It is a typical process by a human having technical and business knowledge of the company's information technology assets and business processes.

As a part of the IS audit, our auditors will

  • Interview key personnel
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments & penetration testing
  • Review existing security policies and controls
  • Examine IT assets with the help of latest technology & tools

Information Technology Audit

Information Technology Audit is a review of the controls (security policy) within an organization's' information technology infrastructure. Formerly this was called an electronic data processing (EDP) audit. Our information technology audit is the process of evaluating an organization's' information systems, policies, procedures, practices, and operations. Evaluation of the controls ensures whether the organization's' information system safeguards the assets, maintains data integrity, and is operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization's' goals.

Information Technology Audit covers an assessment of an organization's' information system assets by

  • Interview key personnel
  • Review existing security policies and controls
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments & penetration testing
  • Examine IT assets.