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Security Awareness

Security Awareness Program Management

Most Important to an organization is its Security awareness program to be managed and expected results are achieved. our professionals will take care of your need from Developing, implementing and managing the awareness program very efficiently. We can help with all aspects of delivering an effective and quality program and make security awareness program is an reality one.

Simos can help your organization and deliver an effective and affordable security awareness program by the right delivery methods and focus areas and make awareness program reached and followed across all level in the organization.

A comprehensive periodic reports are provided that will showing the program efforts and results.

Security Awareness Surveys

Our survey will reveal the effectiveness and knowledge level of your organization with the information they need to help protect your information resources. Information and people are the top most valuable assets of any organization. It will not make sense that you should help one protect the other.

Our survey services can help you to determine the strengths and weaknesses within your organization with respect to the awareness program. It will find out what is the current level of awareness about Information Security and where they are lacking?

Our online or one on one survey to your staff and the information collected will be reviewed and analyzed, then prepare a detailed report into graphical format with an executive summary. with that report you will be able to get to know, what types of problems your organization may experience and where you need to focus your awareness efforts and why.

Security Awareness Assessments

Information Security is not so effective by testing their security technology. It needs to test their people and their physical environment.

Our assessment will show you where your staff, processes, and physical security may be lacking. Our assessment include,

  • Inventory of unsecured computers
  • Reporting computers left unattended and logged in
  • Discovery of sensitive materials left unsecured
  • Attempting unauthorized entry through tailgating or alternate entrances
  • Checking random workstations for security issues
  • Workspace examination for exposed passwords
  • Searching printer, fax and copier areas for confidential material
  • Examining trash bins and dumpsters for improperly discarded information
  • Random social engineering attempts
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation and recommendations